Sprinkler system

The sprinkler systems are customized for each project. In this way, they provide an economical solution for small and mid-sized businesses in conformance with all safety requirements: this is guaranteed by strict compliance with applicable directives, inspected components, and planning and installations by qualified  personnel.
 Simply Effective:                                             
- Sprinkler systems offer fire detection and extinguishing functions in one system.
- Extinguishing only occurs in areas where it is actually burning, Sprinklers outside the area affected by the fire remain closed.
- Extinguishing water reduces smoke and contaminants, Therefore protecting the environment.
- As a natural extinguisher. water is inexpensive and unlimited in terms of availability.
- After a fire has been extinguished, Minimax sprinkler systems are quickly ready for use again.
- Sprinkler systems create structural freedom, as an inexpensive alternative to additional fire walls.
- Versatile types of sprinklers for special applications and conditions of use.
- Sprinkler systems are flexible in their configuration, design and in case of retrofitting.
A sprinkler system consists of a piping network with sprinklers extending through all buildings areas to be protected. A class bulb filled with liquid encloses the sprinkler in readiness, If the air temperature exceeds a specified limit due to heat from a fire, the expanding liquid bursts the bulb, activating the sprinkler, The extinguishing water impacts the spray disk and is distributed evenly across the source of the fire. In this way, the fire is extinguished with only a few sprinklers reducing the damage to a minimum simultaneously, internal and external rescue teams are alerted.
 Wet Pipe Sprinkler System:                                    
In this type of system, the piping network is completely filled with pressurized water, If the sprinkler bulbs burst, water pours out immediately.
 Dry Pipe Sprinkler System:                                      
In areas exposed to frost or high temperatures, the sprinkler pipes are filled with compressed air. The extinguishing water is supplied as far as the dry alarm valve station. The pressure drop when the sprinklers open cause the dry alarm valve to open automatically. flooding the pipe network.
 Applications for Sprinkler System:                             
Public facilities and buildings - Stores - Offices - High-rise building - Parking garages - Logistics area - High bay warehouse - Industrial businesses.

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Sprinkler System

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